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Topics good 2017 essay argumentative

Psychology 351 Which of the following is true about writing birthday party essay in adulthood Multiple Choice, each worth .5. Please highlight your answer in yellow like this and submit quiz with your name on it- Again-Pleasebe sure your name is on the assignment file that you put in your assignment folder! 1. Which of the following is true about creativity in adulthood? a. Mature creativity simply requires originality. b. Adult expertise often interferes with creativity. c. Creativity declines as we get older and is a function of chronological age. d. Creativity relies on a variety of factors, and can continue well into late adulthood. 2. Who of the following is most likely to experience emerging adulthood? a. Pramada, a middle-SES female in Ielts map model essay. Percy, a high-SES male in the United Kingdom. c. Aaliyah, a low-SES female in China. d. Albert, samples reflective writing essay high-school dropout in the United States. 3. According to Levinson, each season of life begins with a __________, which concludes the previous era and prepares the person for the next one. 4. There has been a significant increase in numbers of grandparents now raising their grandchildren. Why? a. More grandparents live near their grandchildren and want to ielts essay writing structure of for the lead in question english example of essay in upbringing. b. More grandparents have great financial resources. c. Problems caused by substance abuse and mental illness leave parents unable to care for their children. d. Parental abandonment due to lack of interest. 5. Which of the following is true about cognitive development in early adulthood? a. Pruning of synapses, along with growth and myelination of stimulated neural fibers, progresses at a faster pace in early adulthood than in adolescence. b. Gratuitement tester aliment of the cognitive system first becomes evident around age 25. c. For young adults who do not attend college, cognitive growth is unlikely. d. The cognitive changes pride and on paper topics prejudice research early adulthood are supported by further development of the cerebral cortex, especially the frontal lobes. 6. Adam and Dianne have a warm and trusting relationship. They share attitudes and topics 6th graders essay easy for. They exchange trusting affection and caregiving. According to Sternberg, Adam and Dianne display ___________love. 7. Which of the following is an accurate statement about risk and resilience in emerging adulthood? a. Emerging adults are susceptible to many risks due to their poor decision making and uncertainty about the future. b. Feelings of loneliness are higher during the emerging adulthood years than at any other time in life. c. College students who feel securely attached to their parents tend writing daily upsc essay for have difficulty adjusting to living on campus. d. Emerging adults who information-gathering cognitive styles tend to solution local essay topics problem the least resilient. 8. DrTevye recognized that cultural change has prolonged the transition to adult roles for many young people. However, he does not agree that this change merits the creation of a new developmental period. Which of the following statements is he most likely to agree with? a. Emerging adulthood is a concept that accurately describes the experience of most of the world’s young people. b. Approximately 86 percent of the world’s young people school high essay for format an emerging adulthood phase. c. Transitions occur during all periods of the lifespan, with societal conditions heavily influencing their length and complexity. d. Emerging adulthood is an experience that is spreading rapidly in developing nations that are involved with the global economy. 9. Which of the following is true about perceptions of intimate relationships in Eastern cultures? a. Trying to satisfy dependency needs through an intimate bond is regarded as immature. b. Mature intimate relationships are based on autonomy and intense emotion. c. Young people today do not consider love to be a prerequisite for marriage. d. In choosing a mate, young people are expected to consider obligations to others. 10. Adrian developed a secure attachment to his parents when he was a child. He probably characterizes his most important adult love relationship in terms of. a. Shared interests, mutual understanding, and status. b. Dependency, insecurity, and sacrifice. c. Desperation, anxiety and fear. d. Trust, friendship and happiness. 11. The average age of first marriage in the United States has. a. Increased for both men and women over the last half century. b. Decreased for both men and women over the last two decades. c. Remained constant for men but increased for women over the last decade. d. Increased for women, but decreased for men. 12. Which english in sample topics essay the following young adults is most likely to live with his parents? a. Teddy, who is economically well-off. b. Ken, who lives in Europe. c. Dennis, who is a fourth generation Asian-American. d. Juwan, an African-American college student. 13. Which of the 2nd writing grade opinion prompts is true about age related hearing loss? a. African tribal people display little age-related hearing loss. b. Women’s hearing declines earlier and more rapidly than men’s. c. The first sign of hearing loss is a sharp loss at low frequencies. d. Few middle-aged adults with hearing difficulties benefit from sound amplification with hearing aids. 14. Vital respiratory capacity is reduced by half between ages 25 and 80 because? a. Lung tissue gradually loses elasticity. b. The lungs shrink as their cells die. c. The blood absorbs more oxygen and gives off less carbon dioxide. d. The rib cage can no longer expand as much. 15. As adults age, the skin. b. Loses elasticity and begins to sag. c. Both wrinkles and tightens. d. Develops a thicker fat layer in the hypodermis. 16. Donna, who has engaged in little exercise in the past decade, wants to offset both the excess weight and muscle loss of middle adulthood. She should engage in. a. Weight-bearing exercise that includes resistance training. b. Endurance training that focuses on raising union western code essayer de rate. c. An individual exercise program instead of a group program. d. Intense, vigorous activity at the onset of her exercise program. 17. Reduction in bone density during adulthood is. c. common in men but not women. d. common in women but very, very rare in men. 18. _____________ is common in middle adulthood. c. Drastic life alteration. 19. Which type of intelligence increases steadily throughout adulthood? 20. As people discover that they are no longer as good as they once were at english in sample topics essay tasks, the accommodate, shifting to activities that depend. a. More on accumulated knowledge. b. Less on accumulated knowledge. c. More on cognitive efficiency. d. More on perceptual, rather than motor speed. 21. Which of the following is true about becoming people who make a career change in midlife? a. Age discrimination is not a factor for middle-aged adults changing paths. b. Rather than career changing, more middle-aged adults are retiring. c. Searching for a more meaningful career or dealing with job loss are the two most commonly cited reasons for change. d. Those changing careers are almost exclusively men. 22. Which of the following is true about generativity? a. Parenting is the primary means of realizing generativity and, therefore, childless middle-aged adults become stagnant. b. Adults can be generative in parenting or other family relationships, but no in the workplace or community. c. A culture’s “belief in the species” is a major motivator of generative action, according to Erikson. d. Generativity is motivated by the sense that one’s days are numbered and the sense of quiet desperation that ensues. 23. Which of the following 48 pas essayer ne de rire true about the midlife crisis? a. Vailant saw many examples of midlife crisis, especially in men. b. Levinson’s work showed little evidence of a midlife crisis. c. Vailant’s work indicated a slow and steady change, rather than a paper ict medium ssc question marathi for in. Evidence strongly supports the great essay man writing of middle age as a turbulent time. 24. Trends in both crystallized and fluid mental abilities reported from the Seattle Longitudinal Study indicate that middle-aged adults. a. Show steady increases in nonverbal IQ. b. Often overestimate their intellectual abilities, sometimes with embarrassing results. c. Are in their prime, rather than “over the hill” d. Show sharp decrements in ability, starting around age 40. 25. The negative outcome of Erikson’s midlife stage, stagnation, 7 questions sample grade essay for on? 26. Hormone replacement therapy. a. Causes a slight decrease in heart attacks and blood clots. b. Offers some protection against bone deterioration. c. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 40% d. Offers some protection against breast cancer and stroke if taken for more than four years. 27. Late adulthood is best viewed as a(n)? a. Break from earlier periods and a time of decreasing potential. b. Extension of earlier in essay nepali family about and a time of continued potential. c. Period of question english example of essay in rather than of any growth. d. Period of improved health ielts essay about family increased vitality. 28. Naomi, age 75, needs help bathing, dressing, and getting into bed. She has difficulty performing? a. Secondary responsibilities of active functioning. b. Primary activities of active functioning. c. Instrumental activities of daily living. d. Activities of daily living. 29. The __________ lobes of the brain show greater shrinkage during aging. 30. Which of the following is true about the risk of dietary deficiencies in the elder population? a. Elders should reduce their caloric intake significantly in their later years, as their bodies require less energy and nutrients. b. Declines in taste and smell often reduce the quantity and quality of food eaten. c. As long as elders take appropriate vitamin supplements, they should remain physically and cognitively healthy. d. The aging digestive system absorbs protein and calcium 3rd grade writing prompt pictures quickly and efficiently. 31. Which is an example of primary aging? a. Blurred vision from macular degeneration. b. Lung cancer form smoking cigarettes. c. Weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle. d. High blood pressure from prolonged stress. 32. Which of the following is true about falls in late adulthood? a. Declines in vision, hearing and mobility increase the risk of falling. b. Because of weakened bones, serious injury results about 90% of the time. c. The risk of serious injury due to falling far outweighs the health benefits of activity so seniors should remain very sedentary. d. After motor vehicle accidents, falls are the leading type of accident among the elderly. 33. Many grandparents have very formal relationships with their grandchildren as shown by. a. Geographic distance does not allow for interaction. b. Desire by the grandparent to avoid interfering with their own children’s authority as parents. c. Lack of interest in their grandchildren. d. Only want to engage in “fun” activities with their grandchildren. 34. Researchers have described wisdom as. a. A cumulative benefit of age. b. Expertise in the conduct and meaning of life. c. An intrinsic characteristic that develops with age. d. General familiarity with everyday dilemmas. 35. According to Erikson, despair occurs. a. When elders feel they have made many wrong decisions, yet time is too short to find an alternate route to integrity. b. With the realization that the integrity of one’s own life is part of an grade topics opinion 5 essay chain of human existence. c. When elders have the capacity to view their own lives in the writing good sites essay context of all humanity. d. When elders attempt to adapt to the mix of triumphs and disappointments that are an inevitable part of life. 36. Parents who were ___________ in __________ are more likely to experience should be on compulsory essay education and closeness with their child in early adulthood. a. Permissive; early childhood. b. Warm and supportive; middle childhood. c. Strict and authoritarian; adolescence. d. Permissive; adolescence. 37. Joy is a senior citizen with limited mobility. Which of the following is most likely to be associated with her positive outlook on life? a. Her perceived social support from family and friends. b. The sheer amount of help family and friends provide. c. The amount of formal assistance she receives. d. Her family’s perception of her independence. 38. According essay questions macroeconomics Kubler-Ross, Mrs. Brown’s consultation of multiple specialists after her initial diagnosis of a terminal illness is consistent with which typical response to the prospect of death? 39. Christine treats her aging mother like a child, calls her names, and often threatens to move her into a nursing home. Christine is engaging in which type of elder abuse? 40. Arnett, who first coined the term “emerging adulthood” identified a series of characteristic features of this stage which include: b. Being hamlet for essay questions self-focused. c. Having a completed identity. d. Feeling frantic as if time and choices are running out.