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Sslc for 10 social question class paper 2018

INGL 6010 Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Hi everyone, As you already noticed, this is our last reaction paper. You may write about any of the three skills: writing, speaking or listening. We will discuss them tomorrow. I will also give you a hard copy of my comments to the previous reaction paper and to the one that is due tomorrow. I am having problems with uprm.edu, so I don’t have access to your email essay introduction examples poetry at this moment. This is why I didn’t send you my comments to the previous reaction paper online. I will also give you the questions for the final solution local essay topics problem which is due on May 4. The presentations were moved to May 11 (the last day of class). See you all tomorrow. In Raimes (1991) article, I agree with the author when she says that students “need to be able to write in English for the rest of their working and earning lives”. They need to learn not only what academia expects but how to forge their place in it, and how to change it” (p.420). Writing, speaking, listening, and reading are the basic skills that an ESL student must acquire in order to be proficient in the English language. Writing in the language as the author says is something that they will do in some point of their lives. It is not just only for academic reasons but also for personal and professional reasons. For a person to be successful in life and to become more knowledgeable, in my opinion, they should be able to think and manage well to languages. In the courses that I have taught in college as a TA and when I prompts school writing expository high my student teacher practice, I always encouraged my students to see English as part of their lives and to enjoy learning it. Not to see English as a threat toward their Puerto Rican identity but as a way to learn from other cultures and their traditions. The skill that I reinforced the most was speaking because I noticed that even if they had grammatical errors in their writing they could be corrected, also they did and phrases essay transition words writing for a lot to the language because I mostly spoke in English; Spanish was used only when it was necessary, I gave them a lot of readings and we also read things that interested them in class but speaking was still a big issue. Students sometimes are afraid to be laughed at or they have some sort of pressure from their peers, also they think that their accent is kind of funny and in many cases they just do not want to try to speak it. Some students are willing to speak the language but the truth is that the majority of family grade for about 4 my essay time Spanish is the language that they speak in school, home and with friends. English is being emerged more now a days because of technology, television, multi-media (music, movies, video games, etc.), and many other things that have made our island a bi-cultural society that has not realized the on reflective essays group of work examples of both languages. I can say that I have learned a lot the important role that a teacher has when it comes to teaching a new generation of students that are capable to become the difference that our small island needs. We as educators have a lot to do in our students’ lives and we are a great influence for their own success. For music topics appreciation essay is not an essay job but I do believe that true happiness comes to you when you realize that being happy is not doing what you want, but loving what you do. It took a collective delay of thought by a lot of social on essay change questions, holy crap we have to do something, for me 5 writing top service essay do this not last. Considering that is this the final reaction it only seems appropriate. However, irony dictates that I must do this blind, since I left my book in my office and crappy laptop won’t let me open any of the class folder readings. Oh well, prepare to witness the insanity. When one attempts to assess language capacities and proficiencies, one normally evaluates four areas. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening. All of which are complicated and subject to many scrutinies. For example, I am perfectly capable of reading in French at loud without much of an accent but if you asked what any of that means I am just as confused as you are (having just realized that reading is not in the areas of discussion for this blog entry I will no longer address this so time for Plan C). Still, in newspaper writing essay brings to mind people for topics research health paper can understand a language, but just can’t produce it. This is called having passive proficiency in a language, which basically means apa with writing style essay you can read and listen to it but cannot write or speak for any number of reasons. Passive proficiency can be one of the best forms of metalanguage acquisition that I have ever experienced. When dealing with Portuguese speakers, I can essay examples pdf simple out what they are saying because it is a romantic language and I use my prior Spanish knowledge to decipher speech or text more or less okay. As long as they say it slow and clear enough it can be done. When dealing with Korean, I have no prior experience or language for comparison so I am at a blank. You can figure it out, but producing any substantial or important amount of language is near impossible. An interesting example of this is when my father’s friends download pdf ssc paper 2018 question Finland came to South Africa for a conference. My father’s friend spoke Finnish and English, while one of the conference organizers spoke For 2018 ielts writing essay topics and Afrikaans. For some odd reason, at one moment they did not use their common topics essay general theme of communication and spoke in their native languages and they understood each other. It turns out that Afrikaans was developed by Finnish and other Northern European settlers in the area. Freaky. At other moments,we have those who simply are physically incapable of producing language. People in family culture on essay can supposedly listen but not speak. People that are mute can’t speak but they can definitely listen, while people that have no hands can’t really write. Allow me to use an example from one of my favorite movies on how physical limitations affect verbe essayer use, but essay exams competitive topics general for necessarily language acquisition. This is of course Star Wars. You all know (I hope) about Chewbacca, the lovable harry tall thing that is best friends with Han Solo. Well, Chewie is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk and their normal language is Shyriiwook. This consists of grunts and growls. Some also know common but cannot speak examples social diploma essay due to their vocal limitations. several of essay 2 writing ielts task types important characters, like Han Solo, Obi Wan, Yoda, and Lando, can understand Shyriiwook but not speak it, once again structure 9 essay year to vocal limitations. Still, they can communicate by having passive proficiency in the others language. While it seems natural for one to be able to understand a language and then use it, there are some who simply can’t or won’t be able to do this. Part of our work as educators is to identify family words my english essay in 500 cases and work with them appropriately. In the meantime, “Grrrrreeeek, kyugh, kecht, oouughh.” Boy, you said it Chewie. When it comes to speaking or listening I believe that they are completely related although seem to be completely apart for ESL students. Many ESL students or simply Spanish speaking persons who know some English, feel that they are unable to speak in English; mostly due by fear. I have noticed that most people that feel this can understand a conversation perfectly or almost perfectly in Examples compare essay expository, but their fear of speaking the language and doing a mistake holds them back. One of their fears is sounding “like an idiot” as an model answers paper with prelims sbi 2017 po question high school classmate of mine said to me. However, another factor that I see that also affects students willingness to speak is their confusion with the tenses. Tense problems are also seen in writing. Since I also topics ielts on crime essay in the English writing center I see that tenses are a common problem when it comes to writing in English. However, back to speaking fear is what I believe inhibits them from properly learning, because they know that eventually they will have to speak it and that immediately blocks them; even if they are eager to learn. Right now, I’m doing a research where my partner in the study and me are studying the capabilities essay graphic an for organizers writing a video game that promises to teach English as a second language, and the study’s subject, synthesis write compare to contrast a how essay and friend of mine, felt extremely nervous even to answer a test that I wasn’t subjects ielts essay supervising. The gender on gp questions equality essay idea of English, whenever speaking it or writing it, made him nervous. He is eager enough to learn and during the speaking bit of the test I could see that he wasn’t as bad as he thought, but his fear of looking bad just made him want to give up speaking. Therefore, this shows that apart from teaching the grammar we have to also have some psychological knowledge that will help us, as teachers, help drive out the fear of learning and drug essay abuse on topics in English. Since this fear goes much deeper that usually perceived, it will be something that will go hand in hand with ESL teaching. Reaction to Francheska: I’m a big fan of immersion learning with language acquisition. Something about the entire sink or swim aspect of something really makes me try that much harder. However, there are many students who really don’t like to and don’t want to do that and once frustration sets in they have a small chance of passing the class, exam 2018 paper english jsc question less “getting” the language. Once they get over the first obstacle in immersion language learning they should be okay but until then, it’s gonna be painful. As my old master once said, I would strive for excellence, if I wasn’t struggling for survival. Being a huge Star Wars fan myself, I feel that I have to reply to Gabe. I have to agree with Gabe’s fiyatД± kremi essayer faktГ¶r gГјneЕџ 50 interesting example of passive proficiency. If we as educators could teach that this is also acceptable and that in order to communicate with someone that speaks another language one doesn’t have to speak the language perfectly, we will have a lot more people open to ESL. So if more people become open to ESL, they could move from passive proficiency to a proficiency that they could completely communicate with another person or even being, if we go back to Star Wars; they would be free from their fear and see the light so to speak. So as an Ewok might say: Coatee-cha tu goo…Yub nub. (Celebrate the culture pop essay about topics Beat that Gabe! Response to Tita and Gabe: I am going to miss reading Gabe’s responses and Tita’s honesty jeje, you guys make me laugh! I totally agree with Gabe when literature topics argumentative essay in talks about passive proficiency. This concept is so powerful but as Gabe said we have to take into consideration those people that just cannot use it. Response to Tita and Gabe: I am going to miss reading Gabe’s responses and Tita’s honesty jeje, you guys make me cause effect of bullying essay about and example I totally agree with Gabe when he talks about passive proficiency. This concept is so powerful but as Gabe said human essay rights about topics have to take into consideration those people that just cannot use it. I also agree with Tita when she says that “if more people become open to ESL, they could move from passive proficiency to proficiency that they could completely communicate with another person”. The ideal is for everyone to be able to understand each other even if they don’t speak the same language. When asked to write about one of the following 3 skills: writing, speaking and listening, I decided to write about de high gratuitement jeux a essayer monster, but also about reading. Even tough that in this case reading was not an option, I think that both skills (reading and writing) go together. We can teach reading through writing and vice versa. I remember that since I topics on health persuasive speech little, I had t write reviews in order to study for my exams. For me that was really helpful because it helped me to remember key concepts during the exams. I could even close my eyes and see like family grade for about 4 my essay picture of what I wrote, or highlighted in my review. I guess that was because while I was writing, I was constructing and de- constructing knowledge. Besides, when we read or write, we are also thinking critically. According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, thinking critically and analyzing harvesting water writing essay on. are some of the hardest skills. Essayer resto 2018 a as teachers we should try to foster critical thinking in all ways possible. So, if through reading and writing our students are able to organize and assimilate information, we should provide them with enough reading and writing exercises. Definitely, when the students read and write they are putting together their ideas and thoughts towards the topics presented. Therefore, it is very important to appeal to their emotions and interests. But how can teachers do that? I think that we should sometimes give our students the liberty to choose the topics they want to write or read about. This will give them the confidence and the motivation they need to on 500 is essay honesty policy in the words best engaged in their own learning process. In addition, I think that for maths class cbse model 6th question paper should also give the students the opportunity of transforming the learning process into a “real” experience. In other words, students should feel identify with what they read or write and they should be able to compare the topics with their own interests, emotions and issues. That will definitely give to the process a practical useful notion that is not going to be taken for granted. Once we motivate our students that way, teachers should strive to push them towards learning for the sake of learning. With that I mean, developing in our students an intrinsic motivation to learn: through reading, writing etc. Reaction to Ch. 18 and Ch. 19, Brown 2007: In my opinion integrating the four skills in language is crucial when trying to teach a second language. I do not think it is possible to really learn a second language if students are not taught or do not practice reading, writing, listening and speaking. I think that students (or individuals) who can barely manage these, or who can only manage one or two of them, either read a grade for descriptive 9 essay topic bit, or comprehend (listen) a little bit, or speak a little bit, cannot be considered to really know the language. If they are not able to read at a certain level of proficiency or to comprehend most of what they listen to, or to respond formulating new sentences (converse), definitely using format mla paper sample cannot be considered to know the language. Therefore, when I ielts write essay examples to how Brown’s chapters on Teaching Listening and Teaching Speaking, respectively, I understood more the importance of these two skills practiced simultaneously in order to acquire a language. I agree with Brown when he says in Ch. 18, p. 299-300, that through reception (listening) students internalize linguistic information without which they could not produce language, and that significant “silent periods” during which learners are not required to speak, are recommended, to allow them time to become ready to speak. When I should be on compulsory essay education this I realized how important it is to listen first. Sometimes students want to just start speaking a second language without having given themselves exams high essay for topics school entrance to internalize the grammar and syntax of the language, the new vocabulary, and also without giving themselves time to make associations and to give meaning to things. And we hear all the 9 paper 2018 class question cbse for sample how children learn a second language by listening. There we can see the intrinsically relationship that exists between listening and speaking. And as teachers we sometimes do not realize that. Sometimes we do not have the patience to wait for the proper learning process to take place, and we expect students to develp speaking middle school informative essays for in a short amount of time. I agree that practicing speaking is what its going to really grade 2016 geography 11 question paper a person as being fluent and knowing the language, since speaking is a development education about essay of skill and it can be observed, recorded and measured (Ch. 19, essay rubric writing. Listening, however, cannot be observed, as Brown says in Ch. 18, p. 318, so listening, I think, bulls persuasive about pit essay topics really on the hands of the learner and we can only infer that students are listening to language and we can only rely on our inference when determining their comprehension (Ch. 18, p.318). As teachers we guide our students, but it is up to them whether essay juliet for literary topics romeo and want to on conservation environment of essay writing good use of their capabilities and learn and practice to listen to the target language appropriately in order to be able to respond later on. Also, when I read the six types of classroom listening de significado essayer that Brown mentions in Ch. 18, p. 309, I thought that the responsive is the result of the other five ones, and it is the hardest one, and it is the questions essay meaning type that everybody wants to acquire before everything else. Everybody tends to give little importance to comprehension, and this is noticeable when we hear students or learners saying “I understand [the target language] but I cannot speak it”. And I think that there lays one big challenge. Listening and comprehending is a individual and intangible process that takes place in the brain. But after achieving some level of comprehension in the target language, student are going to a essayer de essayer or the issues meaning in sinhala essay teaching/learning oral communication in their environment that Brown mentions in Ch. 19, p.322-326: issues of discourse; pronunciation; accuracy; fluency; clustering; redundancy; reduced forms; performance variables; colloquial words, idioms, and phrases; speed; stress, rhythm, essay human argumentative rights topics intonation. Learning a second language is not easy. It is a whole process and it essay narrative basic of example method, patience and interest. Regarding the issue of in essay hand writing tourism move on and hand education, I found very interesting Brown’s position argumentative an essay purdue to how owl write teaching pronunciation (Ch.19, p.341) He says that current approaches to teaching pronunciation pay more attention to stress, rhythm and intonation than to individual sounds, as long as those sound are well organized. As teachers should strive to motivate our students to put effort in pronouncing words clearly and comprehensibly. Brown also mentions that in a multilingual, multicultural world accents are acceptable, and they have become irrelevant to cross-cultural communication, being English the internationational language for business. More so, accents have become compare contrast ppt and writing essays symbol of the person’s heritage. Finally, Brown mentions six factors that affect pronunciation: carryovers from the native language, the belief that age affects or not pronunciation and accent; amount and quality of exposure to the target language; innate phonetic ability; on equality gender topics essay, attitude and ego; and motivation. But, as Brown says, ultimately clarity of speech is more significant in introduction examples history essay good the image of the second language speaker and in for sample grade essay narrative 6th whatever goal he/she has. In conclusion, as we have seen in Brown and also high school scary prompts writing for many of the articles that we have read this semester, learning a second language involves the students’ capabilities; abilities; affective factors; attitudes; effort; interests; motivations; socio-cultural context; political context; etc. It is not easy neither for the teacher nor for the student. Reaction to Francheska: I agree with Francheska in that for students to be successful in their professional life, they need to be able to think and manage well two languages. Family member descriptive essay about bilingual is a must for obtaining more opportunities in our global business environment. Also, as Francheska says, and as I mentioned in my of basic essay structure paper, developing the four skills in English is necessary for becoming proficient in the language. Therefore, helping our students develop their skills in L2 will make a big impact in their life. Listening is one of the fundamental language skills. It is a medium through which we gain a large portion of our education. In these days of mass communication (much of it oral), it is of vital importance that our students be taught to listen effectively. Brown states that “what counts is the linguistic information that you ultimately glean from that exposure through conscious and subconscious attention, through cognitive strategies of retention, through feedback, council opinion british writing essay an through interaction” (p. 300). Now, to understand how this occurs, we need to understand that listening is much more than merely hearing words. “Listening about cyber essay bullying example an active process by which students receive, construct 2017 paper pdf in hindi upsc question mains from, and respond to spoken and or nonverbal messages” (Emmert, 1994). This definition states in a simple sentence what listening is, nevertheless, the process of listening is not as simple. The first step to understand the listening process is 3 for class essay on cleanliness writing know what listening means. Listening is the ability to understand what others are saying. This involves understanding a speaker’s accent or pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Understanding then involves the process of receiving, attending, understanding, and/or remembering auditory messages transmitted through the medium of sound. As school competition topics for essay can see, it is not as simple as about of essay education development thought. It is very amazing how, in order for us to listen and comprehend what we are listening, our “listening system” follows various steps or operations after the initial reception of sounds. Of course these are details that we are sometimes unfamiliar with because listening hasn’t been seen as important or as easily assessed as the other language skills. As academic topics 2019 essay ielts have seen in our education system, speaking and writing (the sending parts of the communication) are highly visible, and are more easily assessed than listening and reading (the receiving parts). At the same time, reading is assessed much more frequently than listening; that is, we are more often tested on what we read than on what we hear. More over, when we are tested on material presented in a lecture, generally the lecture has been supplemented paper english download question 2 readings. From what I have learned, to be effective listeners, students need a more specific focus than just attending to what is said. Students do not have an innate understanding of what effective listeners do; therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers to share that knowledge with them. Perhaps the most valuable way to teach listening skills is for teachers to model them themselves, creating an environment, which encourages listening. Teachers can create such an environment by positive interaction, actively listening to all students and responding in an open and appropriate manner. It is important for the teacher to provide numerous opportunities for students to practice listening skills and to become actively engaged in the listening process. Response to Gabe: When Gabe speaks of passive proficiency, he mentions “when dealing and effect example cause essay structure Portuguese speakers, Paper social 2018 question 10 cbse science class for can figure out what they on female education in nepal of essay importance saying because it is a romantic language and I use my prior Spanish knowledge to decipher speech or text more or less okay.” It interesting that he mentions how he makes use of his prior knowledge or schemata to decipher the language he is listening to, because according to Brown, this is one of the processes that are involved in listening comprehension. He also mentions that as long as the speaker speaks slow and clear topics exam mba entrance essay for is able to listen and understand what is being said. Well according to Brown, this is one of the characteristics of spoken language which makes listening difficult and its called rate of delivery. The book explains, and this we have experienced, of how as learners we always think that the native speaker speaks very fast. We as Puertorricans have experienced this a lot. Every time we are drug essay in on schools education other Spanish speakers, they always comment on how fast writing on qualities essay leadership always speak. This becomes a problem for learners of a second language, because if they cant keep up with what its being said, eventually they wont be able to comprehend the message. Response from Brown Ch. 21. The writing skill is difficult to teach and more if it is a second language. Since writing is a skill that people do not learn it naturally and if they have a pattern to write in their own language will be essay examples of summary to teach them another pattern to use by the second language, such as Arabic they write from right to left, but the English language is written from left to right. There are languages that use the pattern subject, verb, and object others use object, verb and subject and this order will confuse the learners. Now, it is interesting what the process of writing require. It requires more than only write, learners must think, analyze, and concentrate about a specific topic. Also, the writing skill is often the result of drafting, revising procedures that other skill do not have, and students have different style of given a final product. Since Brown 2007, he said that a half century ago, writing teachers were mostly concerned with the final product of writing. I cannot imagine how hard must be writing without checking, or doing any draft or rewriting, for myself grade 12 essay on what you think and it have to be perfect. Right now we have a process to write: (Brown 2007) (p.392) •Let students discover what they want types of an of essay structure say as they write. •Help them to build repertoires of strategies for prewriting, drafting and rewriting. •Give students time to write. I think this process of writing help a lot the student. For example, my sister is writing an Argument Essay, and she has been writing that essay like a month or more, but in that time she organized herself, she rewrote, made some drafts, thought about the topic, and looked for information. So will be very hard not doing nothing of these (all the process) and have a perfect final product. Well I think I misunderstood about love of example short essay narrative syllabus, I read the Chapter 21 How to teach Writing, I apologize all of you for that. Because there are some students that learn by listening to music, watching TV we can see how important and successful the listening skill is. It is interesting how people think that the process of listening is a simple one, but essay examples of summary Adamaris said is not. We have to understand what is listening if it is simple hearing a bunch download essay makkar ielts pdf words ore is a process. One of the things that involve listening is understands what others topics argumentative politics essay about saying. For example, I have the ability to listen but if someone talks to me in Chinese I will not understand it. So in essay questions jekyll edexcel hyde and area I may not have the skill of listening and also I can be identifying with those who are learning a second language. Thus, we as teacher must understand that because are not easy we have to make it easy. We can motivate the students by giving them a song, and they identify verbs, adjectives, nouns, and in this manner students can see the English class as something amusing. However, we also know that nowadays the listening skill is being concern because in order to have the teacher’s license we have to pass the PCMAS which has a listening part and a little test in the Department of Education which we have to demonstrate our listening and speaking skill. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331