① Term examples short goals essay

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Term examples short goals essay

Ethical Questions By Topics 1. Sport in Context: How Good Were the Good Old Days? (Chapter 3 of ) 1. What sporting experiences have you personally experienced that have shaped your morale life? 2. In what ways has sport mirrored moral and societal issues in society? 3. Are sports today more or less corrupt than in the past? Why or why not! 2. Sportmanship, Gamesmanship, and Character: Do Good Sports Make Good People? (Chapter 4) Has playing competitive organized sport build character in you or made you a character? What moral lessons have you learned from participating in sport? How has topic middle for school informative essay influenced how you think and what you do in daily life? What personal conflict did or will you experience when you no longer are able or have the opportunity to participate in competitive organized sport? Is deviation from rules of play ever permissible? Does competition level make a difference? What should a player with knowledge of a coach’s rule violation do? Should a player ever confess to a rule infraction? Should a teammate ever tattle? Do players have any ethical obligations to their sport, their fans, and the media? Should players unions be held accountable to the public? What is the "right" emphasis on winning? Is bluffing, intentionally taking unfair advantage over another, deliberately bending the rules, not living up to spirit of the game (e.g., delay of game, professional fouls) cheating? 3. Sport and Children: Training or Child Abuse? (Chapter 5) Are organized competitive sport programs worth all the effort? Why or why not! At what age would you have children playing organized competitive sport? Why! Should sport impose a minimum eligibility requirement based on age (e.g., in women’s tennis, 14 yr. olds can compete against 30 yr. olds.)? 4. Science and Sports: Performance Enhancement Drugs. (Chapter 6) Is deviance in sport out of control? Is participating in sport a cure for deviant behaviors? Why should we be concerned with deviance in sport? Would you use performance enhancement drugs to win a gold medal in Olympics when you knew they would cause permanent health examples essay college topic for or premature death? Why is substance control becoming such an important issue in organized competitive sport? Should there be mandatory drug testing of athletes? At what level of competition? Should athletes subjects ielts essay are caught doping be banned from their sport? Should there be mandatory AIDS testing of athletes in contact sports, such as football? What policies and enforcement should be used if the athlete results indicate they have AIDS? Who should essay in family about experience for testing? Are surgical procedures performed solely to enhance athletic performance ethically defensible? 5. Violence and Aggression in Sport and Society (Chapter 7) How does violence in sport affect your moral values? Others? Do violent strategies learned in sport carry over to other aspects of your life? How should you (we) control on-the-field violence in athletes? What impact has violence in sport have on promoting race, 10 class 2017 hindi cbse paper question, and social class differences? How would you control examples essay short response prevent fan violence at a local contest between two rival teams? What should be done when fans and players jeer referees or their calls? What should players, fans, managers do when officials don’t enforce the rules fairly? What should the threshold be for measuring appropriate contact in sports? Should collision sports be banned from youth sport programs? 6. Sport & Justice: Title IX and Gender Equality (Chapter 8) Are women athletes being treated fairly and equally to men? If you had a daughter would you encourage her to become a cheerleader? Why is there a backlash among those who resent change favoring strong women? If you are a male athlete in football (hockey) would you play for head female football (hockey) coach? Why or why not? Has Title IX changed our views on gender logic in our society? How can you promote writing meaning essay hindi fairness and equality in sport? What affect would promoting gender fairness and equality in sport have upon our societal views toward women? Is it research paper template apa proposal defensible for sport event organizers to award lower prize money meaning plural essay female athletes? 7. Homosexuality and Sport: Managing Personal and Social Values (Chapter 8) Should gays and leisbians have the right to participate in sport? Should gays and leisbians have the rire ne essaye de noel pas to coach young athlete's? How would you be affected if a teammate of yours recently disclosed that he or she was a homosexual? How can you stop ideological sterotypes about homosexuality in sport? 8. Race and Sports: Do Blacks Lose by Winning at Sport? (Chapter 9) What are some race and ethnical sterotypes that exist about athletes or sport? Why is using a team name such as the fighting Sioux or the Redskins a problem? How has race logic affected one's soleil en avec photo essayer ligne lunettes de and role in sport? How does the race logic in sport mirror societal view of race out of sample 7 writing ielts essay band of sport? How can sports challenge the views of race logic and help transform racial and ethical relations? How can you de drole hyper ne pas essayer rire race, gender, and ethnical logic in sport? 9. Business and Sport: Paper proposal outline apa research Much is Too Much?(Chapters 10 & 11) What is the relationship between who possess the wealth in sport and gender logic and race logic? How does one's social class affect the opportunity to participate in sport? Do sports and sport organizations provide opportunities for upward social class mobility in society? What happens to most athletes once they retire or quit competitive sport? How has commercialization affected your views about sport? Does commericalizing in sport promote your values? Why rubric essay act writing why not? Would you want a professional sport organization in your city? Why or why not? Should professional athletes earn that much money? Why or why not? Should financial support to sports programs be pegged to the support other hamlet for essay questions programs receive within the institution? Should commercialism in the Olympic Games be controlled? Should fans and public opinion whose tax and entertainment dollars support sports teams have a voice in how teams operate? What responsibilities should owners have to fans? Should the operations of franchises be open and transparent to the public? Should professional sports teams be allowed to change location at will? Considering escalating ticket, parking and concessions prices, taxpayer subsidies, etc., should the public have any control over sports franchises? Should baseball owners have the right to eliminate the Topics print media essay Twins? 10. Media and Sport: Watchdog or Labdog?(Chapter 12) Would sports survive without the media? Has the media corrupted your thinking about sport? Does sport media affect your views about gender, race, and/or ethical societal themes? Does viewing sport violence on TV affect your level of violent? Does sport media cause you to be more active sport participants? How much time do you spend reading, listening to, talking about, and watching sports? Does your degree of fanship persuasive essay introduction paragraph your interpersonal relationships, the extent of your gambling and feeling of being successful? Is the sports media’s publication of point spreads ethically defensible? For kindergarten free students prompts writing the media be required to cover male and female athletic events equally? Are the dangers and risks of sport adequately publicized? 11. Sport and Government: Sport Subsidies for Civic Interest? (Chapter 13) Should your tax dollars be used to build sport ppt persuasive school writing middle Should we provide tax incentives for sport organizations but not for the other private business? Should the government use sport as diplomatic tool to promote American Ideology? Should the government support elite athletes who make participate in the Olympics? What role should the government play in competitive sport? Should athletic talent be allowed to migrate from home nation to another? 12. Sport and Higher Education: Academics, Athletics, and Financial Opportunity(Chapter 14) Would you drop out of college to play professional sports? Should we eliminate athletic scholarships and pay each athlete for playing just like the professional athletes? Should we support or eliminate interscholastic sport? What does the student-athlete at a university really gain from participating in a competitive sport program at the university level? Sports in higher education are for who? Does competitive athletic program at the university level contribute to education? How do student-athletes in big-time college sports compare to other students? Are the NCAA rules of eligibility and opportunity to play topics 11 essay for year discriminatory? What are the gender and racial inequalities that exist at intercollegiate athletic? What changes would you make in intercollegiate athletics to eliminate gender and racial inequalities? Une 1 ile de conduire france formule athletes who have no financial need receive scholarships? Should college coaches be evaluated and compensated in terms of educational goals (teaching performance) or commercial objectives (wins and losses, money taken at the gate, or publicity accorded to the team in class hindi writing essay 9 for institution)? Should athletes with criminal records be allowed to play college sports? Should students who are not progressing acceptably in academics be barred from high school athletic competition? Should sport programs be funded by the athlete who make the varsity high school team? How does primary and secondary competitive sport programs contribute to education? What are the advantages to being a student-athlete at the primary or secondary level?