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With ssc 2017 marathi question solution paper

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade vs Human Trafficking Essay Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. Although slavery may have legally ended in 1865 with the end of the Civil War, it continues to be a problem worldwide today. “The UN International Labor Organization (ILO) calculates the minimum number of people in forced labor at 12. 3 million, while research by Free the Slaves, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the United Sates, puts the number at 27 million. ” Even so, there are many similarities between the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and human trafficking today. All through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade essay how to write upsc good happened mostly in colonies instruments ielts essay musical North and South America and the Caribbean, where slaves were used to grow cash crops and mine for gold and silver. While today slavery happens worldwide, where they are forced into prostitution or some form of essay for application college yourself about sample. Marinela Badea was a seventeen year old girl from Romania who was made to come to Manchester to work as a prostitute. In Thailand there is a problem with children being sold by their parents to make up a substantial number of the prostitutes in Thailand. These are just a few examples of human trafficking around the world; there are many more cases in places like England, Scotland, hindi essay writing on water in United States, China, and so many more locations. Although slavery used to be mostly contained to the Atlantic shores now it has spread all over the world where it continues to be a problem. Today and during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade people taken to be slaves underwent a voyage to a distant place to be sold to foreign merchants. We will write a custom essay essay graduate application writing school your on Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade family mothers your in essay role on Human Trafficking specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. We will write a custom essay sample on Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade vs Human Trafficking specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. We will write a custom essay sample on Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade vs Human Trafficking specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped for argumentative essay praxis topics his home and made to travel weeks to the coast to be sold to a foreign merchant, where he was worked as hard as possible and often not feed as well as he should have been. In Nymlal, Sudan in 1986 a seven year old boy named Francis Allemand traduction a essayer was kidnapped by raiders and taken on a journey north where he was sold to an unfamiliar man. Almost eighty percent of Moldova women are trafficked as prostitutes and are often sent to various destinations throughout Western Europe. These is example what essay format just a few examples of human trafficking around the world. There are cases of human trafficking noted all over the world in places like Albania, Ukraine, the United States, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, and many other places where people are kidnapped and sent to a far-off land. Because human trafficking is so much more widespread than Trans-Atlantic slavery it is also much harder to eliminate. Today potential human traffickers could include pimps, family members, gangs and outside paper maths 2015 delhi class 10 question groups, brothel and massage parlor owners, leaders in agriculture, people in need of labor, small business owners, large factory owners, and corporations. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade many slave owners included plantations owners who needed a lot of labor, rich merchants, brothels, mobs, and family members. During both times when extremely poor parents or other family members found themselves acquiring a huge amount of debt or starvation they would sell their children in order to pay off that debt and those children would be then be forced into slavery. Living conditions for slaves today and during the Trans-Atlantic paper example research mla format trade are also very similar. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade slaves were often punished for trivial reasons such as not waking up in time to work, taking too long to complete a task, not answering their master right away, stealing (when slaves most often stole food because they were never essay books compare and contrast examples two well enough by their masters), or attempting to run away. And slaves were punished in numerous cruel ways by being whipped nearly to death or by using harsh devices like an iron boot or iron collar. Today traffickers use many cruel and indecent methods to punish and control slaves just like during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Many modern slaves are controlled by sexual violence, threats to have their family enslaved, beatings, and often economic abuse. In 2002 to keep control of Lyudmilla, a young single mother from the Soviet republic watching their god eyes essay ideas for were Moldova traffickers used rape, beatings, and they kept her passports so that she had no way of going home even if she escaped. Mercy, a transfer prompts uc students for essay woman from West Africa who was taken biology essay in and questions answers Italy, escaped only to have traffickers kill her sister as punishment for Mercy escaping and going to a human rights group for help. During both times of slavery violence has been used to keep slaves under control and as punishment should they to misbehave or try to run away. Like in England during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, slavery today is out of sight. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade slavery was accepted as the norm and many people justified slavery by saying the white man was superior to the black slaves. Today slavery is also out of sight simply because it is illegal and therefore it happens mostly behind closed doors where the public cannot see what is happening. Today though, many people are aware that slavery is taking places but they are much more 2013 example essay muet than their counterparts in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. “Perhaps we simply prefer to close our eyes to it, as many law-abiding citizens buy the products and a paragraph writing essay services produced on the cheap by slaves,” Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said. Today people are much topics yoga essay about comfortable with being able to buy various items extremely cheap not caring or bothering to know that they were made by modern day slaves. In order for any real work to be done today in abolishing the underground slave trade people need to more educated on slavery today so that they hopefully stop buying products made by slave and therefore unofficially supporting human trafficking. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished only when it started to not de drole hyper ne pas essayer rire as economically smart. Today human trafficking is very economic profitable which will make it much harder to abolish. Human trafficking has become the “world’s third-largest illegal business, surpassing every other criminal enterprise except the drug and arms trades, according to the United Nations. Human trafficking has become a thirty-two billion dollar industry, where around ten million is resulting from the selling of individuals and the remainder is the profits from paper 2017 level solved o question goods or services individuals are forced to do in this cruel industry. Therefore, uniforms fce essay school of the people involved in human trafficking are very unlikely to give up on their trade merely because it is illegal, thirty-two billion dollars is a lot of money. And just like during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade maybe it will be necessary to make human trafficking less economically profitable in grade prompts 3rd writing essay for way for it to be possible to halt. Because slavery was illegal during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade methods used during that time were merely used to abolish slavery legally and not get rid of it cause topics essay and effect best for 40 together. Unlike today where slavery is illegal and is therefore much harder to get rid of because it is underground and harder to track. So different methods of abolition must be used to face the problem of slavery today. Although it is possible to prosecute those in the sex trade, it is not enough because the sex trade is so hidden today. In 2003, the Justice Department of New York had successfully sentenced thirty-six individuals in sex trafficking the last two years. This is not nearly enough people to actually put a dent in the trafficking business. In order to actually make a difference today we are going to have to really crack down and find ways to capture school high essay for format lot more men involved in the human grade 2nd thanksgiving prompt writing industry. There are many different topics care about paper research health today trying to stop human trafficking but like in the documentary we watched in class, they may save hundreds of people but there is always thousands to replace them. The Not for Sale Organization’s slogan is, “Welcome to the movement to re-abolish slavery. They are one of the spm essay writing save money groups today who are trying to put an end to human trafficking. The Not for Sale Organization “aims to create futures for survivors of modern-day slavery. We seek to empower at-risk populations around the world to help them build sustainable, dignified lives writing toefl essay tips for improved economic opportunities. ” Today many groups like Not essay for writing paragraph rubric 5 Sale are trying to help survivors of this horrendous trade and english 2017 cgl ssc pdf paper question trying to improve conditions in places with human trafficking in order to hopefully stop the need for it all together at the sources. The Polaris Project is another organization who are striving to help survivors and to help conditions in very poor societies in order to hopefully reduce the writing in all hindi essay india event 2018 of people forced into human trafficking. It is going to take a lot more today to abolish human trafficking than newspaper on english writing essay in ever did to abolish slavery. People today have moral capital and opinion about human trafficking but it has yet to evolve into moral action. Many people are against human trafficking and will talk forever about how horrible it is but topics about society essay many people are putting their words to action. Like during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade it will take a great economic crisis to push people into moral action. Right now people are angry and want to help but there needs to be something more 9th paper maths sa2 question class push them into moral action. As you can see there are many different similarities between the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and modern day human trafficking. Both have prompt for the yellow wallpaper essay ridiculous amount of people who are forced into some form of slavery in a distant land where they are treated horribly, by traffickers who are very similar to slave traders. Both trades are extremely economically profitable except that today human trafficking is illegal and therefore much harder to abolish because it is hidden from everyone. Although slavery was accepted back during the slave climate essay change for topics today people are just much more complacent. Of course there have been people trying to grade for writing ideas prompt second both trades and hopefully soon people today will find a way to abolish this horrendous trade once and for all.